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In the calendar view in LOGINventory, date values and time periods are displayed that refer to data stored in lifecycle entries, warranty information, custom properties, read-out values for certificates and licenses.

This view thus makes it possible to make cross-type evaluations and to see, for example, which events are pending / due in the coming month, regardless of whether they are expiration dates of licenses or return of leasing hardware.

Entries in the calendar that refer to a time period (from - to) are displayed as a continuous bar if their duration is one week or less. If the duration is longer, the start and end dates are displayed as separate entries.

Editing Entries

For lifecycle entries, custom properties, and custom warranty entries, it is also possible to change / adjust the corresponding date values via drag & drop, e.g. if a lifecycle entry is to be extended or a date property is to be moved backwards. For lifecycle entries and custom warranty entries, the dialog for editing the entry (and e.g. adjusting the text) can also be opened by double-clicking. For other data types, editing the entries is not possible.

Switching the View

On the top right of the calendar view (or by a right-click) in the view it is possible to switch between different display formats of the calendar.

Selecting a Calendar

On the top of the calendar view you can choose between different tabs. These tabs allow to display either only the entries of a certain data type or all entries of all data types.


This selection is only valid for the day, week and month view, as well as the timeline view, the other views show all entries.