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shedule not running


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shedule not running

Post1. Jul 2008, 13:44

I have set up a shedule for running loginquiry the shedule says its running but it doesnt run. The funny thing is that I can copy the command line from the schedule and run that from the run command and the loginquiry works. This problem is on windows 2000 server sp4. I never have the problem on 2003 server and the set up is the same on both.
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Post2. Jul 2008, 08:37


LOGINventory uses the Windows Build in task scheduler.
1. Log on to your Windows 2000-SP4 server with Domain Admin privileges
2. Proceed to Control Panel / Scheduled Tasks
3. Open LOGINquiry4 task
4. Type the same username/password used in (1.) in the 'Run as:' field
5. Click OK
6. Riight-click the LOGINquiry4 task an select 'Run'

As the scheduled task now runs under the same account as the logged on user, you will see an your desktop what's happening.

Hello - IT! Have you tried turning it off and on again?
Next step: Check DNS.

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