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PC discovery with VISTA scanning machine


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PC discovery with VISTA scanning machine

Post30. Jan 2008, 13:07


Here is a summary of the issue I get.
I installed the latest LOGINventory version on a VISTA Professional Edition PC.
I installed the software outside C:\Program Files.
I configured as requested by LOGINventory the domain GPOs, both on scanned PCs and VISTA scanning platform.
I run the LOGINventory software as local admin on my VISTA PC.
I am joined in the W2K3 AD domain.
I am a user with the "Standard User" profile on the domain.
I run the inventory by entering the DOMAIN ADMIN FULL USER and PASSWORD in LOGINquiry.
I have 15 PCs connected on the domain.

Symptom: no machine discovered except my VISTA platform which is fully scanned.

- I made all the checks on scanned PCs: ping is OK, remote access to registry is OK, nbstat is OK, remote access via WMI is OK, net use to C$ is OK, ports are open except 137/138, but I was told this is not a problem
- I perform a scan on an IP range
- I get everything regarding my Vista platform, I get nothing on other PCs as if PING did not work, which is not the case since it works: no error message I can dig into with LOGINventory
- I am working out of a demo version I downloaded from the LOGINventory web site
- I tried the same process here above being connected as a standard user and as a domain administrator: the same issue did occur
- I also installed LOGINventory on a W2K3 server in the domain, and I run LOGINventory as DOMAIN ADMIN on the server: I get all the PCs and their content.

Therefore I think the problem resides on my VISTA PC.

Anybody can help?
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Post30. Jan 2008, 15:28


Windows Vista has a lot of restrictions, called security enhancements.
When scanning from VISTA, this is NOT performed just like on previous Windows versions (just by using the specified credentials when connecting).
Because it is no longer possible to provide a remote registry access with credentials, a 'secondary logon' is executed while starting LOGINFOR.EXE, if you have typed something within the 'Username' column of LOGINquiry.
This causes the following:
- The scanning PC MUST be within the scanned domain, or a trust to this domain must exist;
- The username/password MUST really exist (it is used for secondary login)
- you MUST not exceed 64 concurrent scans
- we suggest always using the UPN format of the username ( in LOGINquiry

And: use the most current version Build 1120.

You should also read here:, especially the whitepaper.

What is happening if you log on as Domain Admin and you do not specify a username / password in LOGINquiry?
Exact how did you type the username in LOGINquiry?
Have you tried to switch off the local firewall?
What kind of anti-virus SW are you using (even this can block LOGINquiry)?
Marco Maier

Stay tuned ..

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Post31. Jan 2008, 10:23

Hello Marco,

Thank you for your help.

I confirm that I get the same issue with the following done:
- the scanning PC is in the scanned domain
- the username/password does correspond to a real user, the domain administrator
- I made my tests on a 20 IP address range
- the UPN format of the username ( in LOGINquiry does not work: I get the following error: "LogInfoR.exe ... cannot be started (0)"
- I use the most current version of LOGINventory
- I read and applied the whitepaper
- If I log on as Domain Admin and if I do not specify a username / password in LOGINquiry; same issue: only the Vista PC is scanned
- I type the username in LOGINquiry as this: DOMAIN\USER
- I switched off the local firewall
- I am using SOPHOS anti-virus SW: I stopped it while attempting to scan: same issue

The issue is that LOGINquiry seems not to get an answer from the PCs to scan through PING. I can ping from a COMMAND windows on my VISTA scanning machine all the systems I want to scan.

I also tested that the work I did on the AD (GPO setup) was correct since I installed LOGINventory on a W2K3 server in the domain and I can fully scan the PC, even Vista PCs.

Do you have any idea that could help?
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Post31. Jan 2008, 11:09


if you get this error "LogInfoR.exe ... cannot be started (0)" while using UPN usernames, you are probably not using Build 1120.

Please try the following:
- Disable UAC for all local administrators and reboot
- Log on as Domain Admin
- Open command prompt
- change to the LOGINventory directory (c:\program files\login\loginventory4 ?)
- type "LOGINFOR !ipadress-of-an-exiisting-pc ." e.g.: "LOGINFOR ! ." (the dot "." means current directory)
You should see something like
Starting pinging ... answer received!
Writing to file ".\".

If this 'Starting pinging' is not to be seen, you have a "security" component active, which does not allow loginfor.exe to Ping.

Please make an inventory of you Vista PC (e.g by type "LOGINFOR ." and send the resulting .LI4 file to

Hello - IT! Have you tried turning it off and on again?
Next step: Check DNS.

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