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PC's being shown in Loginventory 'Devices' Window.


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PC's being shown in Loginventory 'Devices' Window.

Post22. Aug 2011, 15:43

Good afternoon,

Since migrating all of our PC's from Windows 2000 Professional to Windows XP Professional with Service Pack 3, we have encountered an issue where all but 6 of our PC's are being displayed in the 'Devices' Window.

We are currently using Loginventory on a Windows XP PC, and we are using Active Directory.

All of the devices on our network are discovered using Loginquiry.

What could be causing this issue to occur, and what can be done to resolve it?

Many thanks for your time.
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Re: PC's being shown in Loginventory 'Devices' Window.

Post22. Aug 2011, 16:40


All Asset (Devices as well as PCS) have a Scanresult property which can be found in the detail view of the appropriate asset.
Scanresults greater than 4 representing windows error numbers and will direct you to the cause of the error. Please check our FAQ's at (Prerequisites for Scanning (4.x, 5.x), Common Scan Errors (4.x, 5.x) and Windows XP SP2/3 Firewall Configuration (4.x, 5.x)) to solve the scan issues.

By the way, most recent LOGINventory 4 Version is 4.5.7, get it for free from our software archive at
Just install over your current version.
Marco Maier

Stay tuned ..

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