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Scanning OS X with LI7

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Scanning OS X with LI7

Post5. May 2016, 18:31

When trying to scan MAC's using OS X 10.6.8 or higher, I'm getting an "SSH Which command is missing on client". in Loginquiry.

I've followed all of the documentation listed for scanning a MAC listed in the Admin Guide.

13 SSH – Inventory Linux and Mac with OS X
LOGINventory provides an additional scan method called LOGINfoX; it is based on SSH connection and Perl scripts, which run on the client system to read the inventory data. With this new feature it is possible to scan Linux computers or Macs 1 using SSH. This way, more detailed information can be found, compared to SNMP scans. Macs with OS X
The SSH daemon is still activated.
13.1.1 Firewall
The firewall on the client machines must be configured to open port 22.
13.1.2 SSH Daemon
On the client machines the SSH daemon has to be installed and activated.
13.2 Authentication
The user credentials could be defined as
· Login and password
· Login, key file and (optional) passphrase
In the LOGINquiry module (see chapter 6.1 LOGINquiry) both types of credential can be used. Macs with OS X
To ensure communication via SSH with Login/Password, check the settings of the sshd daemon. In the file /etc/sshd_config the parameter PasswordAuthentication must be activated and set to yes:
#PasswordAuthentication no ®
PasswordAuthentication yes
After changing this file, it is not necessary to restart the system or the daemon.

I get this message one 3 different iMac's
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Re: Scanning OS X with LI7

Post6. May 2016, 15:46

Please make sure you are using at least v7.1.0.

LOGINfoX has a build-in debugging mechanism, which can be started by a comand line like:
Code: Select all
%ProgramFiles%\LOGIN\LOGINventory7\LOGINfoX.exe /w

It starts a windows, which shows the complete communication with a ssh asset. Just fill out at least target IP and credentials...
This procedure is described in detail in chapter (v7.1) or 13.4.1 (v7.0).

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Re: Scanning OS X with LI7

Post11. May 2016, 12:06

LOGINfoX checks whether there are necessary commands for the scan on the test System available.
One of these commands is which; on Mac OS X this command by default can be found in the directory /usr/bin
Either lacks the command or the PATH variable for the user does not contain this directory.

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