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Limit on Query Conditions?

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Limit on Query Conditions?

Post20. Nov 2009, 16:12

I have built a query designed to generate a list of software that is installed on PCs that we do not support. The query is setup as follows:

Unique Identifier
Software Name
Software Install Date

[SOFTWARE_DISPNAME] Contains Business Contact Manager
[SOFTWARE_DISPNAME] Contains Total Security
[SOFTWARE_DISPNAME] Contains SearchAssist

Evaluation Time:
At this point in time Now

Display As:
as a list

However, I cannot add any more conditions. Whenever I try to add another item, such as
[SOFTWARE_DISPNAME] Contains Toolbar

The new condition appears, but when I click Apply and Ok, no results are returned. When you look at the query properties again, the condition you just added is no longer there. It appears that I cannot add more than 5 conditions per query. Is there a hard limit or is this a bug? You can change anything else about the query, such as the comments, and those stick even when the new condition does not.

LOGINventory 5 RC2. Access Database. Windows 7.
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Re: Limit on Query Conditions?

Post20. Nov 2009, 17:47

There should not be such a limit - but in fact there is one in RC2. :oops:

Thank you for reporting.

[Update: The database column type of LA_CONDITION has to be changed from NVARCHAR(255) to NTEXT.]
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Hello - IT! Have you tried turning it off and on again?
Next step: Check DNS.

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