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Licensing v5

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Licensing v5

Post11. Aug 2009, 19:51

I saw in the beta post announcement that there is no longer diversification between computers and devices. Does that mean that if I have 300 licenses with 280 PCs and 30 printers/devices, I'm going to need to purchase an additional 10 licenses now? How does that work when transitioning from v4 to v5 in this scenario?
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Re: Licensing v5

Post12. Aug 2009, 09:50

For customers with a valid Software Upgrade Subscription there won't be any extra costs involved if the customer needs more LOGINventory licenses because of the new license count.

For all customers without SUSL (Software Upgrade Subscription) the upgrade to LOGINventory v5 will be priced at 60% of the full versions' list price - including 12 month of SUSL!

If you then would need additional licenses after the upgrade caused by the new licensing modell, you don't have to pay for them.

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